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Sai Krishna School of fine arts started in Tiruppur in the year 2009 with a motive to impart cultural and tradition values our age old classical dance Bharatanatyam. Two people K.Sankar who wanted to take the classical Dance of Bharatanatyam to great height and S.Sandhya who want to impart her 34 years of knowledge of this Art started SKSFA with meager 4 students, today, we have, over a 120 students, many of whom have already participated and won laurels in Inter School and District level competitions .Our students have also participated in the Bharatanatyam dance contest conducted by DD Podhigai Coimbatore TV in August 2016 and won the first place and also done a dance recital for Shri Sankara TV in 2014. It is our aim to prepare our students not just in the practical aspects of the dance form, but also in its theory as well as glorious history, which is why we have tied up with the well-known group Prayathnam, to conduct exams for her students. We are also a proud Member of ABHAI – Coimbatore Chapter

About Sri.K.Sankar ( Founder )

Began his career in the textile industry at the earlier age of 17. A self disciplined n passionate human by nature reached several heights and created records in the industry by holding a top most position in both buying and manufactured textiles apparels for 25 years. During his schooling period he was actively involved in activity related to fine arts. He always dreamt of marrying a classical dancer which became true when Sandhya entered his life. After marriage and at a point where his dream was calling he quit the garment industry to be fully and completed involved in making his dream a reality which saw the beginning of Sai Krishna school of Fine arts in the year 2009. The Skills and knowledge viz Organized Perfect Planning, Team Playing, Time management, Quality and timely execution Achieving milestone, and Outperforming oneself which was Acquired in the textile industry helped him to create a strong base foundation for SKSFA Tiruppur. As a Like minded couple, Technically inclined Sandhya and Artistically inclined Sankar have immersed themselves completely to make their dream come true which is Tiruppur should not only be recognized as Knit city but also a culturally inclined destination..

About Smt.Sandhya Sankar (Co-Founder /Guru)

Nritya Viśārad (Title conferred by the Govt. of Maharashtra) Smt.Sandhya Sankar’s tryst with dance began at the tender age of 5, when she began training with Guru M.N.Suvarna in Mumbai, following it up with honing the art under Guru Venugopal Pillai and Meenakshi Shriyan. She follows the traditional approach towards the celestial dance form, which sets her apart from all the others in this field. Since her arangetram in 1998, she has performed at various venues, among which are the temples of Thanjavur, Chidambaram, Uttara Chidambaram, Sankaran kovil, Avinashi Lingeswarar temple. Her marriage and subsequent shift to Chennai gave a further boost to her talent, and she completed her M.A. in Bharatanatyam from Madras University in 2008, securing a distinction. She is now pursuing her Ph.D in Dance, from Kalai Kaviri, Trichy. While in Chennai, she had the further opportunity of fine tuning her skills under the tutelage of none other than the celebrated dancer, Dr. Padma Subramaniam. She also had the honour of performing in the dance drama ‘Meenakshi Kalyanam’ along with Dr.Padma Subramaniam and her troupe, at the Narada Gana Sabha in 2006. She also had the nuances training of thalam and fine tuning of Abhinaya from Guru Dr.Lakshmi Ramaswamy. Her qualification also includes B.Sc (Physics), PGDCA, Microsoft SQL Server Certification. Shifting to Tiruppur in 2008, Sandhya continued her training under Mrs. Mrudula Rai, while keeping in touch with her gurus in Chennai. She has represented INDIA as a part of the GSE Team (Group Study Exchange) and travelled to various Cities in AUSTRALIA as a CULTURAL AMBASSADOR on a sponsored trip by ROTARY Dst.3202. Meanwhile, seeking to share her knowledge with the younger generation, she along with her husband Sri.K.Sankar founded Sai Krishna School of Fine Arts

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